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Every business wants to be the authority on its products or services, and many of us are
or even claim to be – without proving it.

In this ‘Age of Assistance,’ your target customers want information right away. If you’re not the top result when they look for it, your competitor will answer their questions instead – and become the perceived authority.

10X content is about producing something memorable that’s ten times better than the next best thing behind it. Some recent examples of our handiwork are included below. 10X content gets qualified visitors talking about, liking and linking to your website in a way that provides meaningful value in the form of Google trust and authority. Add content marketing (outreach) to the mix, and you have a winning plan to improve domain authority.

Recent works from the EightOhTwo team

Orvis Dog Breed Selector
Orvis Guide To Dogs
Pure Hockey Resource Center
Orvis Guide to Adventure

Growing your brand with content marketing means you’re drawing inbound search and referral traffic to introduce new visitors to your business. This top-of-funnel traffic is an investment that pays off in multiple ways – you show your authority on a topic to new audiences, you improve engagement signals on your site (big ranking factor), AND you improve relevance and rankings for business-driving keywords in search.

Content marketing is a nuanced and highly effective investment strategy when executed correctly. Contact us today to arrange an introduction and brainstorming session to talk about what we can do for you.

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