5 Reasons To Use Performance Max Campaigns To Support Local Stores

5 Reasons To Use Performance Max Campaigns To Support Local Stores

Google’s migration to Performance Max campaigns was intended to simplify campaign management and improve overall performance, whether for shopping ads or local advertising. However, varying results in performance as a consequence of the change have made advertisers wary. With Google potentially ousting more campaign types in the future, here are 5 benefits of Performance Max campaigns and ways to use them to support existing stores and new store openings.

Targeted Advertising:

Local Performance Max campaigns can target specific geographic locations where store openings are planned. This allows advertisers to create unique messaging that focuses on the local audience in the vicinity of the new store. We can use Google’s audience signals, coupled with the specific geographic locations, to find highly relevant customers to ensure high-quality metrics. Once the ‘grand opening’ period is over, the store can be moved into an evergreen support campaign with more generalized copy.


Increase Awareness:

Local Performance Max campaigns can help increase awareness of your new store opening among the local population. Advertisers can use the various ad types on Google-owned properties to reach potential customers. Performance Max allows advertisers to show their ads on YouTube, Google’s Display Network, Google Search, Discover, gMail and Google Maps.

Drive Foot Traffic:

Local Performance Max campaigns can drive foot traffic to the new store by using location-based targeting. By targeting people in close proximity to the store, advertisers can encourage them to visit the store and make a purchase. With the help of Google’s “Store Visits” conversion, you can attribute a “conversion value” to how profitable each store visit is, and Google will begin bidding towards this figure.


Measure Results:

Performance Max campaigns provide advertisers detailed performance metrics they can use to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Advertisers can track the number of impressions, clicks, and conversions generated by the campaign to determine its success. With the help of Google’s insights page, Google will help you understand how the automation is working and how you can improve your campaign as a whole, whether it's by updating your assets or ad copy within your campaign.

In the example above, Local Performance Max was launched for a sporting goods client’s local store openings in September of 2022, and since then, overall store visits have increased significantly. January 2023 saw a 228% increase compared to January 2022, a much higher figure than the total number of new store locations.



Local Performance Max campaigns offer flexibility in terms of budget, targeting, and ad formats. Advertisers can adjust their campaigns as needed to optimize performance based on the data collected. This allows advertisers to adapt to changes in local market conditions and ensure the success of the store opening. If there are markets where stores need additional support or budget, separate campaigns can be created.

Final Thoughts

Performance Max campaigns offer advertisers a unique opportunity to simplify campaign management and achieve an increase in foot traffic, especially in competitive markets. The benefits of using Performance Max campaigns include access to a wide range of ad formats, optimized bidding strategies, improved targeting capabilities, and more. By leveraging these advantages, we have seen stronger store-visit and overall sales figures for both existing stores and new store locations. While the switch to Performance Max may require some adjusting, the potential rewards make it a worthwhile investment for any advertiser looking to stay ahead of the competition in today's omni-channel landscape. So, if you haven't already, it's time to consider making the move to Performance Max and unlock the full potential of your local advertising efforts.

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