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Amazon Marketing and Advertising

Over 60% of consumers start their online shopping searches on Amazon. With over 600,000,000 products in the US marketplace alone, a focused effort to fight for better visibility is more critical than ever.

AMZ is a complex ecosystem that requires careful consideration and deliberate tactics to garner clicks and sales in paid and organic channels. From organic SEO to sponsored products management to reporting and data analysis, Eight Oh Two has the experience and acumen to help you find sustained, significant growth.

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Smart strategies to win on the world’s largest product search engine.

Amazon SEO

In the ocean of products on Amazon, the smart marketers are garnering boatloads of traffic by following time-tested, best-practice SEO moves. Amazon SEO is quite different from Google, and A9, AMZ’s ranking algorithm, factors in many more data points related to customer experience and conversion data. In addition to the linguistics exercise of creating well-optimized A+ content, we need to consider technical and promotional moves to get your products in front of these high-intent shoppers.

Amazon Pay-Per-Click and Sponsored Products Management

While Amazon PPC is a very different ecosystem than other digital ad platforms, many of the same fundamentals apply. Our disciplined approach to PPC advertising that we’ve honed over the past 15 years shines through on Amazon, where proper targeting, segmentation and analysis yield a data set conducive to steady, predictable growth.

But AMZ PPC is also a vital component of Amazon SEO for younger campaigns, and the two channels need to be considered holistically. We’ll work with you to help understand PPC beyond just the direct ROI benefit with cross-channel attribution.

Reporting, Analysis and Insights

At Eight Oh Two, we never just hand you a report — we discuss insights that the data in the report show us. We’re firm believers in education and collaboration as key components to a partnership, and we’ll work to provide clarity in both the what and the why of our next strategic and tactical moves.

Each business is different, and marketers have different tastes when it comes to reporting style. All reports are fully customizable to focus on the KPIs that matter to your team. Our dashboards share data, context and insights that help to steer our conversations about growth.

Bottom line — we’re ready to have an intelligent conversation about your Amazon efforts with no obligation. We’re a team of passionate marketers who love solving puzzles and proving growth. Let’s get started.

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