The Top Search Marketing Keywords for Credit Unions

Of all the marketing channels credit unions use to attract consumers, nothing quite measures up paid search. Why? It’s due to the power of keyword intent.

If a consumer Google’s the phrase, “Bank vs. Credit Union,” we know that there is interest and intent there. Perhaps they’ve heard about the many benefits of a credit union and are now considering a switch. Using paid search, we can qualify this consumer even further by only showing them an advertisement if they’re in your target geographic region.

A qualified consumer exploring banking options in your market – can you afford not to be there when they search on Google? You have the content on your website to convert them – we just have to draw them in to close the deal.

Contrast this with most other marketing channels. We may know lots about your target consumer – their age, household income, number of dependents, etc… But when we advertise to them through television or print ads or radio, we’re still missing that key piece of intent. With search, you’re showing them an advertisement in the instant they come looking for you.

The following table shows a sample list of similar keywords that qualify a consumer as someone you should target. The numbers in the right column represent the number of monthly queries on Google.

credit union near me
community credit union
co op credit union
credit union vs bank
federal credit union near me
best credit unions
credit union bank near me
credit union atm near me
local credit union
credit union loans
federal credit union bank
bank vs credit union
nearest credit union
credit union service center near me
credit union credit cards
 Monthly Searches

If you haven’t explored the power of paid search and local SEO for your credit union, or if you feel like the performance of your campaigns are lackluster, please contact us today for a campaign audit and opportunity analysis.

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