Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid social media advertising has become a marketing essential for any business. With cross-device insight and audience targeting that’s unavailable elsewhere, its customer acquisition power now rivals search in many cases. However, many advertisers stray from social advertising because of its mid- and upper-funnel traffic. When we’re used to spending X at a predictable 4X ROAS, social advertising reporting requires fractional-attribution optics to understand the return.

We specialize in understanding how to work each stage of the funnel across social platforms. From awareness ads, to click generators, conversion ads and remarketing, there is a science to pushing users through the customer journey for a strong acquisition strategy. We identify the segments, serve appropriate ads for the stage, and nurture users through the consideration phase to close the deal.

Our award-winning design and branding team understands this journey well and can work with existing assets or compose new creatives to optimize performance for photography and video ads.

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Exceptional targeting and ad creatives for full-funnel growth.

Facebook Ads

We work with you to create ads that get your brand noticed by target interest and demographic segments. With the most advanced ad platform in social, Facebook (Meta) gives us laser focus to identify new customers.

Instagram Ads

With visuals that pop and messaging that connects with engaged user segments, Instagram (Meta) allows us to connect with a younger-leaning audience through our full-funnel approach to social media advertising. This ever-popular platform is a critical piece in a customer-acquisition strategy.

LinkedIn Ads

The professional buying audience on LinkedIn cannot be ignored. While the platform’s targeting and ad style are more B2B and lead generating than other platforms, a large segment of your audience is engaging on this platform daily. Take advantage of precise targeting and lead capture to engage with customers in new, exciting ways.


Pinterest Ads

If you have a strong visual product or service, a holistic paid/organic approach in Pinterest can be a windfall for your business. Often overlooked by your competitors, Pinterest advertising offers a host of interesting strategies to explore.


Twitter Ads

Twitter is hot as ever, and there isn’t a brand feed out there that wouldn’t benefit from advertising amplification. Increase awareness, find qualified audiences and drive new traffic to your brand.


Remember what Instagram did for D2C brands in 2017/18? TikTok is where exciting, young brands need to be now, and as their ad platform evolves, Eight Oh Two is ahead of the curve with agency representation and deep vertical experience.

Reporting, Analysis and Insights

At Eight Oh Two, we never just hand you a report — we discuss insights that the data in the report show us. We’re firm believers in education and collaboration as key components to a partnership, and we’ll work to provide clarity in both the what and the why of our next strategic and tactical moves.

Each business is different, and marketers have different tastes when it comes to reporting style. All reports are fully customizable to focus on the KPIs that matter to your team. Our dashboards share data, context and insights that help to steer our conversations about growth.

We’re ready to have an intelligent conversation about your paid social efforts and opportunities. Let’s get started.

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