Media Services

Media Services

As part of TBA Worldwide, Eight Oh Two offers world-class media services from research to photography and video production, straight through to media planning and buying across traditional and digital media.

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Creative Services

Strong photography and videography are a critical component of great brand storytelling. Beyond just products and model shoots, our video team has a knack for getting to the core of a brand to speak to target audiences with inspirational authority. From :15 pre-roll spots to long-form infomercials and everything in between — let’s talk about your project and how we can make the greatest creative impact.


Research and Analysis

Add tremendous depth to your customer profiles by digging further into data that’s already at your fingertips. Website pixel data, social media followers, email lists and 3rd-party platforms in our arsenal all converge to shed new light on your very best customers.

Media Planning and Buying

Media Planning and Buying

Armed with the research above and deep vertical experience, our media team will work with all the right outlets to compile a media plan that’s conducive to measurable success. Once our targets are identified, our buyers will fight to negotiate for the best pricing possible. We’ll produce thoughtful, efficient campaigns that drive strong results and lift your brand to new heights.

Traditional Media

While digital advertising is the darling of our team and every marketer, this is not the time to sleep on traditional media, which is still highly valuable. Radio, broadcast television, cable, print and other channels are home to relevant audiences that are an important part of a holistic brand lift. It’s all about timing, placement and careful planning to drive provable results in e-commerce sales.

Digital Media

As media is consumed on an ever-growing number of digital platforms, there are new opportunities to explore around every corner. What businesses know about digital media today may change tomorrow, and it’s critical to have a partner who’s plugged into the evolving landscape. CTV and OTT are disrupting media planning for all brands, which makes this an exciting time to see what digital media can do for you.

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