Working with Eight Oh Two

We’re a little different than the folks you used to partner with.

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We are search marketing experts, with a successful track record providing solutions for lifestyle brands.

PPC engagements

PPC engagements that focus on search ads, shopping, remarketing, display and social advertising are managed on a standard retainer basis with a small percent of ad spend cost. Our pricing is far below industry average, though our performance could command much higher rates.

SEO Engagements

SEO engagements are run on a subscription basis where you sign up for a set number of hours each week. As SEO is a labor-intensive channel, this model allows us to chase low-hanging fruit from week to week. From technical SEO updates to on-site optimization, keyword strategy, content creation, off-site tactics and more, we use your time with us to maximize return.

Content marketing projects

Content marketing projects are generally mapped out in advance to ensure all stakeholders are on board. Whether we’re building an education center, style guide, tool or blog, we plan out concepts, topics, design and process so that there are no surprises as we go from planning to production. A critical part of the SEO engine, content marketing is how you go from good SEO to fantastic performance.

In this ever-evolving, competitive arena, all e-com retailers need a comprehensive, data-driven, optimized search strategy. We can help map out the route and develop tactics to execute it.

Working with the experts at Eight Oh Two is highly cost-effective as it reduces the chance of time- and money-wasting mistakes while providing sustainable growth.

We are accountable to our clients, providing measurable ROI, through month-to-month contracts.

You’ll benefit from our pool of specialized talent while avoiding the overhead required to develop and manage that talent in-house.

We can customize a digital strategy for you, using different tools and methodologies to fit within your budget while providing a clear, measurable benefit.