7 Reasons to Audit your Search Campaigns Right Now


Reasons to Audit Your Search Marketing Campaigns Right Now.

Managers and business owners often become accustomed to looking at topline performance numbers in PPC. If we’re up, “great, all is well.” But, this management style creates an environment that encourages “good enough,” in spite of all the opportunities and efficiencies there are to chase. What’s hiding in your search-marketing campaigns? Maybe it’s time for an audit…


I don’t understand performance.

Is your paid search program growing; are your acquisition or ROI goals being met? Reporting may also be a concern. We can help determine the causes of poor performance and offer solutions that will get your digital marketing program back on track.


I don’t know what my analyst/agency is doing.

Could they be running a set-it-and-forget-it strategy? A comprehensive audit is just what you need to identify opportunities for improvement and to better understand what’s happening under the hood.


I don’t show ads for keywords I should own.

Are competitors eating up market share on business-driving terms? Are local factors not taken into account? Our audit will uncover any underlying issues in settings or strategy to ensure your business gets traction on key terms.


I keep finding mistakes.

Are you consistently seeing incorrect ad copy, a poor landing page experience, or budgeting & bidding concerns? Our team will dig in with a fine-toothed comb, so performance and innovation can be your priority instead of focusing your time on monitoring the basics.


I’m not confident that my agency is innovating.

Our years of experience and strong agency partnerships with the engines mean we’re always on the forefront of innovation and optimization efforts. We give recommendations that will take your paid program to the next level.


Current PPC strategy isn’t aligned with my business goals.

Paid search is an important traffic and conversion driver, but it must align with your business goals as whole. If things feel out of place, an audit can reveal ways to bring search in line with your overall marketing objectives.


I want PPC to be a part of my full funnel marketing strategy.

If your paid search program feels siloed or separate from the rest of your digital marketing efforts, our team can offer solutions to better integrate it into your overall marketing strategy.

You’ve tasked an analyst or an agency to be the stewards of your ad budget, but it’s so easy to miss opportunities and inefficiencies. Let us run a discreet, complimentary review of your campaigns to provide specific guidance on how to improve. There is no obligation to sign with Eight Oh Two. Contact us today.

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