Google Ads Experts With Deep Knowledge of
Scaling Ecommerce Clients

Let’s face it: Scaling a D2C apparel retailer is not the same as driving applications to a mortgage broker.

The distinctive features of ecommerce businesses—higher conversion volume, a larger keyword universe, and a shorter sales cycle—require a unique approach to account strategy, structure and ongoing tactical management.

Three Key Reasons You Should Work With An Agency Specializing in Ecommerce

Several factors, from conversion volume to SKU count, add up to a more segmented, nuanced account that impacts reporting and management requirements. (insert graphic with avg. number of keywords, ad groups, campaigns for our ecomm accounts vs. lead gen for 2020)

Shorter sales cycles mean quicker performance feedback, which means more opportunity for optimization and adjustment. Continuous feedback, in conjunction with the above-mentioned complexities, compounds the requirements of effective management.(insert graphic for avg. number of changes lead gen vs. ecommerce)

With far more moving parts, greater transparency is needed to dig into high-level performance numbers to identify key trends and provide action-oriented context to guide management. (Link to an example report?)

The same considerations that inspire ecommerce businesses to opt for an agency over an in-house team—expertise, time intensity, analytical ability, and dynamism—also speak in favor of avoiding generalists and working with ecommerce professionals: Enter the team at Eight Oh Two Marketing.

Three Key Reasons to Work With Eight Oh Two for Ecommerce PPC

Ultimately, performance matters, and our ability to manage complexity, efficiently allocate ad spend, and navigate periods of performance volatility is reflected in the scaling ecommerce clients see in their first year under our management (create anonymized case studies)

Data-driven approaches to testing, bid, and algorithm management are crucial to driving performance. But so are transparent reporting and in-depth analysis. Topline performance can obscure important underlying trends, challenges, and opportunities. Our customized reporting is tailored to the unique needs of your ecommerce business. We dive below the surface to bring you insights that provide necessary context to give you the data you need to make the best decision for achieving your business goals.

Our in-depth account audits provide the basis for a three-month roadmap with key milestones outlined so that you can monitor progress as we work to revitalize your paid search account and help you accelerate revenue growth and improve efficiency.