Digital Expertise for Financial Institutions

At Eight Oh Two, our FI team understands the value of new consumer relationships in local and regional markets, and we’ve spent years dialing in our core tactics to enable growth for our credit union and community-bank clients.

Inbound digital-marketing channels like paid search and SEO harness the power of keyword intent to put your message in front of the right consumer at the right time. When someone in your market Google’s “auto loan,” or “checking account fees,” can you afford not to be there? We can dial in targeting, messaging and landing-page conversion for meaningful growth.

Content marketing is a critical strategy for nurturing relationships closer to the top of the funnel. Build trust and authority in your space by answering questions that folks in your community care about. Content fuels your email and social dialogues, so it’s important to produce likable, shareable work that bolsters your brand and your new-customer conversions.

How Eight Oh Two Can Help

PPC Advertising

Timing is everything, and our ads put you in front of qualified new customers who are ready to take action. Our FI team is experienced, budget conscious and results driven. Ask about a complimentary audit of your current campaigns.


Ranking organically for business-driving keywords is the gift that keeps on giving. SEO is a linguistics exercise, and our team speaks the language fluently with over ten years of experience optimizing for financial institutions.

Content Marketing

Content is the fuel that drives meaningful conversations with your prospective customers at all stages of the funnel. Content drives search rankings, social engagement and brand trust. Discover how to best leverage content for your financial institution.


You’re making an investment in growth, and it’s up to your agency to produce regular reports and analysis that prove you’re seeing the expected return. Our analysts don’t send automated data exports – they bring insights and data-driven opportunities to the table.

Case Studies

Drove over 35,000 sessions in the first 4 months of our engagement at an average CPC of $2.19 for non-brand campaigns, which is 44% lower than the financial/insurance industry average CPC of $3.44

Ad impression share increased 320% and interactions with ads increased by 140% year over year while costs decreased 1.7%.

Qualified clicks increased 97% and sessions increased 111% while costs decreased 1% in the first 6 months of 2020 compared to 2019

7,000 clicks resulted in 1,100 opened applications in the first 7 months of 2020 and achieved a 16.4% conversion rate for opened applications in the first 7 months of 2020.


Eight Oh Two brings exceptional service, insights and performance to the table. Our partnership is like an extension of our own internal marketing team.

Penne Vanderbush

Please call us directly or use the form below to start a conversation about your current efforts and how Eight Oh Two can support growth for your financial institution. We’re happy to provide a complimentary audit of your current campaigns. We look forward to speaking with you.