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For so many businesses, 2020 was a wild ride. Whether sales were phenomenal or slower than expected, we all experienced huge volatility. Now, the great comp debacle of 2021 is upon us. It’s time to button up those search, shopping and social campaigns with a thorough analysis.

Let the team at Eight Oh Two provide a road map to guide you through.

Areas reviewed during the audit

Account Structure

  • Campaign Segmentation Schema
  • Brand vs. Non-Brand Segmentation
  • Shopping Campaign Priority Rules
  • Google Smart Shopping Usage
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Shopping Feed Structure

Ad Quality

  • Quality Score
  • Ad Relevance & Expected CTR
  • Landing Page Quality
  • Ad Extensions (Sitelinks, Callouts, etc.)
  • Extended Text Ads (ETAs)
  • Responsive Search Ads (RSAs)
  • Implementation
  • Ad Copy Testing Strategy


  • Campaign-Level ROAS/CPA Variation
  • Sub-Campaign Level Efficiency
  • Conversion Volatility
  • Wasted Ad Spend
  • Campaigns Limited by Budget
  • Budget Re-Allocation Opportunities
  • Campaign Type Performance vs. Industry Benchmarks

Keyword Coverage

  • Keyword Matchtypes
  • Keyword Negatives
  • Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) Implementation

Bidding Methodology

  • Algorithmic Bidding Adoption
  • Active Bid Management
  • Conversion Volume Thresholds
  • Auction-Time Bidding (SA360)

Audience Strategy

  • Affinity & In-Market Audiences
  • Customer Match Lists
  • Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSAs) Application
  • Similar Audiences


  • Impression Share
  • Auction Insights Review

Nothing cookie cutter about it.

Our veteran team of analysts will take a close look at your business and your campaign performance. Careful thought goes into providing meaningful insights to expose new opportunities and initiatives.

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